Who we are

Company Overview

ACOM Group’s specialty is the commissioning of mechanical, electrical, and controls systems within oil, gas, resource, road and rail, infrastructure, water, and renewable energy industries.

The brainchild of four visionary leaders, ACOM Group has achieved success by mobilising top industry experts with proven abilities. We are focussed on building lasting relationships with clients and generating mutual trust by solving clients’ problems in innovative and responsible ways. We are also eminently aware of the ever-changing nature of specialised test equipment and asset management systems, so we persistently reinvest in our equipment inventory. Throughout the development and commissioning process, ACOM’s dependable personnel will honour both the client’s needs and our key values of safety, dependability, accountability, integrity, and respect.

Top-Tier Leadership Team

Our management team’s experience spans decades and covers many well-known facilities.

The key to successful deliveries is proper support for the men and women who do the groundwork every day to bring these projects to fruition. ACOM leaders create diverse teams through motivation and influence thus creating a fast-thinking, agile and empowered workforce. Our team also maintains a constant focus on improving our strategies to strengthen ACOM’s expertise.

Vision & Mission


To become the foremost project delivery partner recognised for our best-in-industry solutions to the infrastructure, energy and resources, and mining sectors throughout Australia.


To deliver a successful project start-up through employing strategic mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation solutions and rapid mobilisation of specialist resources.


Safety is always ACOM Group’s top priority.

Our exemplary safety record across all project phases is achieved through carefully cultivated safety-management plans. Nevertheless, our goal is constant improvement. We interface with both clients and onsite employees to mitigate risk and maintain compliance in accordance with the following standards.


Our culture and core values are what separate ACOM Group from the competition.

We believe in setting a reputable culture based on our core values; we also believe in recognition and reward for our people who represent our core values either onsite, with our clients, or in the local communities. Our project management team has both the training and experience to efficiently deliver on the project’s requirements.
ACOM Group

Indigenous Engagement

Part of ACOM’s commitment to our community comes through our relationship with Indigenous peoples.

We forge relationships with Indigenous communities by offering special employment and training programmes, partnering with like-minded subcontractors and ensuring that our policies respect Australia’s unique indigenous heritage.

Careers @ ACOM

At ACOM, we're determined to harness the best talent and offer the support needed to achieve success. If you're interested in joining the team, please get in touch.


ACOM’s knowledgeable experts are comfortable with infrastructure projects of all shapes and sizes. We can readily tackle new works, asset maintenance, and remedial measures.


ACOM Group provides comprehensive services to the Energy industry, including commissioning of oil, gas and coal-fired power stations, wind farms, hydro generation, biomass power plants and coal seam gas power stations.


Operational Readiness drives every aspect of a mining site. ACOM will provide completions support, commissioning services, start-up support as well as operations & maintenance support to maximise production and minimise downtime.