What We Do

Your Strategic Project Delivery Partner

ACOM Group has achieved mastery by integrating skilled technicians, engineers, specialists, and managers into one seamless team that can tackle multiple industries. Their customised plans form cohesive and cross-discipline packages. Our ability to adapt to clients’ needs, rapidly mobilise resources and consistently deliver excellent solutions has made us leaders in the business.



ACOM Group holds a licence for Smart Completions Systems. Our systems completion managers, engineers, and planners help improve critical onsite data management and document management. They’ll ensure all facility components meet the design intent for the lifecycle of your assets both before and after commissioning.

Absolute Commissioning

ACOM has a specialised team to handle the final stages of a project. They ensure the site adheres to regulations, and behind the scenes also identify requirements and manage processes in a commissioning management plan that streamlines the decision-making process.


A successful transition from commissioning to operations requires experience and close collaboration with the final clients. Our team uses proven processes and takes operational responsibility for safety and reliability until the client is fully prepared to take control.


Maintenance may be an under-appreciated task, but our specialists understand its criticality in maximising asset life, improving efficiency, and minimising overall cost. Our multidiscipline commissioning specialists employ proven systems to distill complex issues down into approachable and logical processes.


New M5 West Connex

ACOM Group has been instrumental in the Commissioning and Completions phase of the NewM5 WestConnex Project with a multi-discipline blue-collar work force of over 250 employees and a staff team of 30.

Mount Piper Water Treatment Plant

ACOM has supplied Commissioning Leads to manage the completion of construction works, commission the plant, and hand it over to operations.

New M4 West Connex​

ACOM Group is now involved in post-opening defect rectification, working in and around a live motorway and under tight road- and tunnel-closure timelines.